"Chicano" is a term of identity sometimes assumed by people of Mexican descent born in the United States. As a whole, people of Mexican descent constitute America's fastest growing group in the Latino/Hispanic population. Today there are some 27 million Mexican Americans in the U.S. (out of a total Hispanic population of more than 39 million). People of Hispanic origin now make up America's largest race or ethnic minority, and Mexican Americans are expected to become America's largest minority in the years ahead.

Chicano Now: American Expressions, a 5,000-square-foot interactive exhibit, is produced in collaboration with actor/entertainer and prolific art collector Cheech Marin. With his guidance and support, the exhibit weaves tradition, history and, of course, humor into a multi-media expression of the lives and rich contributions of Chicanos. What it means to be Chicano is little understood. Chicanos have had a profound influence on this country's customs, food, fashion, music, language, religion, sports and more. America's Mexican heritage predates the formation of our country. Chicano ancestors have been here since before the Pilgrims, before the Founding Fathers, before the United States itself. The fabric of America includes a Chicano strain so strong, so essential, that it blends seamlessly into the whole.

Chicano Now shines a spotlight on this rich culture. Chicano Now is an exuberant outpouring of American Expressions.

Chicano Now explodes stereotypes, inspiring an appreciation of Chicano achievements and contributions. Chicano Now emphasizes that every kid has a chance and a choice. Chicano Now features custom, original art, three-dimensional environments, original performances, film/video presentations, music, history, artifacts, interactives and more. Chicano Now introduces Chicano expressions to the uninitiated, allowing them to experience the impact and joy of Chicano contributions to the American mainstream.

Content Collaborators:
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Cheech Marin, Actor/Entertainer

Culture Clash
Cheech Marin
Guillermo Gómez-Peña
George López
Cheech Marin
Lourdes Portillo
Paul Rodrìguez
Robert Rodrìguez
Gustavo Vazquez

Chicano Now will appear at the Milwaukee Public Museum February 3 - September 3, 2007.

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